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Tesla Turn Off Blind Spot Camera

Tesla Turn Off Blind Spot Camera

Tesla’s advanced camera system plays a crucial role in many safety features, including the blind spot camera. This camera activates when you use your turn signal, providing a live feed of the blind spot area on the car’s touchscreen. But what if you want to turn it off? Can you disable the turn signal blind spot camera in your Tesla?

The Short Answer: No, you cannot directly disable the turn signal blind spot camera in your Tesla. This feature is designed to enhance safety by providing additional awareness of your surroundings, and Tesla has intentionally made it a non-optional part of the driving experience.

Why Can’t You Turn it Off?

Several reasons explain why Tesla doesn’t allow disabling the turn signal blind spot camera:

  • Safety First: The camera plays a crucial role in preventing accidents by helping you avoid blind spot collisions. Disabling it could lead to increased risks while driving.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Certain regions have regulations requiring blind spot camera functionality in new vehicles. Tesla ensures compliance with these regulations by making the camera non-disconnectable.
  • User Experience: The camera seamlessly integrates with the turn signal and Autopilot features, providing a smooth and intuitive driving experience. Disabling it could disrupt this experience and potentially lead to confusion.

Alternatives to Disabling the Camera:

While you can’t directly disable the camera, there are ways to manage its functionality:

  • Adjust the Camera Angle: Some Tesla models allow you to adjust the camera angle slightly to improve your viewing preference.
  • Reduce the Display Brightness: If you find the camera feed distracting, you can adjust the brightness on the touchscreen.
  • Use Mirror Adjustments: Relying on traditional mirror adjustments can provide adequate blind spot awareness, especially if you’re not comfortable with the camera feed.
  • Focus on Safe Driving Practices: Regardless of the camera functionality, practicing safe driving habits like head checks and shoulder turns remains essential for blind spot awareness.


  • The turn signal blind spot camera is a valuable safety feature designed to assist you while driving.
  • While you cannot directly disable it, alternative options can help manage its functionality according to your preferences.
  • Always prioritize safe driving practices and rely on a combination of visual cues for optimal blind spot awareness.


Tesla’s decision to make the turn signal blind spot camera a non-disconnectable feature is driven by a commitment to safety and user experience. While you cannot disable it directly, understanding its purpose and exploring alternative adjustments can help you manage its functionality and maintain a comfortable and safe driving experience.

Additional Resources:

  • Tesla Owner’s Manual: Specific instructions on camera angle adjustments for your Tesla model.
  • Tesla Support: Online resources and assistance to answer questions and troubleshoot camera-related issues.
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA): Information on blind spot awareness and safety tips.

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